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New is in the Eyes of the Beholder!

Changing the Way We View Shopping

In the old days if something broke, we fixed it. Somehow we have changed over to a world where if something isn’t just out of a package its not considered desirable anymore. This makes no sense literally or when considered in a sustainable world.

Our homes are chock full of stuff we never use anymore. Why not “recycle it”? By recycle we don’t mean toss it in the big blue bin, we mean get it to someone who will use it. This reduces waste drastically.

Now is the time.
Stop sitting on unused stuff. Post it up on and watch your space grow right along side of your wallet!

Less Production More Reusability

We are a hugely consumeristic society. We want what we want when we want it and we get it. Nothing says we shouldn’t have what we want but we can get our needs met in a more sustainable way with less waste.

Choosing to buy second hand saves us money, reduces our footprint, and helps other people in our community. This business model helps the world go round the right way!